Summary by: Ingrid Moe
In a perfect world, everyday would be a fashion show - the streetcars of Toronto our own personal catwalks.  But even the most committed fashionista needs time to recharge and dare I say. break a sweat.  So we might as well do it in style. 

Bring on Beta - or Beyond Everything Tried Already.  Stylish, functional performance fashion for urban athletes and active lifestyles.  Bonus:  Every stitch of the stuff is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada using eco-friendly materials and socially responsible methods - a feat other sport and leisure brands can't hold a match to. 

Being so pro-local, it's no surprise that starting Canada Day, Beta will be selling gear out of their Toronto studio (343 Wellesley St. East) so you can hang out and have a beer with the design team while picking out a new pair of women's yoga pants or men's performance polo shirt.  As if that weren't enough to get us heading out to Beta's studio, the men behind the brand just happen to be the handsome and rugged I-spend-my-weekends-hanging-off-cliffs variety.  'Nuff said.


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